Ivanacara Röemer

(formerly Nanacara)









Ivanacara adoketa

Ivanocara adoketa, female.

This fish is one of the best looking fish I have, when I saw a photo of the fish for the first time, I was thinking of a Japanese Samurai warrior's war mask. The color varies from light-grey to pink. I hope you see what I mean when you see the photo of the fish. When they are small they don't look anything special, but when they come up to 3-4 cm they start to get color. Then you will get the impression of how they will be looking when they get bigger.

It looks like the fish can be a little difficult to breed. Others keeping and spawning the fish have experienced that the eggs have been eaten or just vanished.

When they layed eggs for the first time in my tank, the pH was 6 and that suited the fish well. It went perfectly, they guarded the eggs, and when they hatched they were moved to a pit in the sand. When the fry became free-swimming, I fed them with newly hatched brine shrimps and that was gone rather quickly.

The male's color is more greyish tones, but he is still very nice. His facemask especially, is something special.


Ivanacara adoketa, male.
adoketa male



The fry's color is more brownish when they are small. But around 3-4 cm they start to get color, and you can see how nice they will be.




Ivanacara bimaculata

Ivanacara bimaculata.
adoketa male






Well this was a little information about the Genus Ivanacara, since there are only two in the Genus so far. I'll be back if I can get the other species, Ivanacara bimaculata.




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